About Us

ReFleX Wireless is a leading provider of wireless sensors and analytic software for wellness and healthcare applications.

The company began as an academic project (Code Name: Project Z) in September 2010 to answer the Engineering Challenge set by STA (the Society for Technology in Anesthesia) to create a wireless multi-patient monitoring system for use in hospital wards. (The word “ReFleX” was coined by the team’s computer engineer, Carol Lee, to reflect the team’s desire to create an automated patient monitoring system that could act without thinking.)

Since February 2011, ReFleX’s vision of applying ICT technology in the Healthcare domain has been recognized by numerous competitions hosted by North American Academic and Government Institutions. Most notably ReFleX won the international NYC Next Idea Competition, where ReFleX was awarded a cash prize, a short meeting with Mayor Bloomberg and six months of free office space in New York City to launch its business.

Today ReFleX Wireless offers products and services via its healthcare and retail partners in the areas, such as Sleep Monitor, Diabetes Management, Senior Home Care, and various types of Remote Patient Monitoring Services.